Moist, flirty, cheekily delicious. Our products are playful, nutritionally balanced and taste great. Made from all-natural ingredients, we provide low sugar options to help you feel good about snacking, with extra protein and fiber to fill you up and feed your appetite - making our treats both a balanced snack AND a guilty pleasure. 

Uniquely named and shameless, our mouth watering flavors appeal to your senses, and your sense of humor! With treats like Dirty Blond and Ex Boyfriend Chip...need I say more? But don't let our names fool you. No matter what you call them, our treats will appeal to your hunger.

Baked fresh daily, our treats seduce you to discover the temptation hidden behind every bite. So go on, wrap your mouth around one today...You know you want to...


- Wheat Free

  1. -Higher in Fibre

  2. -Higher in Protein

  3. -Lower in Processed Sugars